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Interview with Cheryl Cook, Vice President Bank Partnerships EMEA, American Express 13.04.2016

Interview with Cheryl Cook, Vice President Bank Partnerships EMEA, American Express

What is your feedback on American Express’ partnership with Moldova Agroindbank?

We at American Express are proud of our partnership with Moldova Agroindbank (MAIB). We only partner with the best banks and financial institutions who share our commitment to security, service and personal recognition, and our partnership with MAIB is no different. Since we have started working together, MAIB has proven to be an excellent partner that demonstrates an admirable drive to promote our brand and achieve our shared commitment to deliver only the best to Cardmembers.
Since our partnership commenced in early 2015, in a short space of time we have established a robust and successful card issuing and merchant acquiring operation in Moldova. We now offer a range of credit and debit products that are tailored to the various needs of MAIB customers.
This includes the newly launched MAIB American Express® Gold Debit Card and the MAIB American Express® Green Debit Card. Both Cards enable Cardmembers to earn cash back on every purchase made, as well as accessing a wide range of retail and lifestyle benefits. They follow the successful introduction of the MAIB American Express® Gold Credit Card and the MAIB American Express® Green Credit Card in 2015.
We are delighted that, together, we are able to deliver high quality American Express products to MAIB’s customers and drive high-spending, loyal Cardmembers to American Express merchants across Moldova.
What are the key success factors of your partnership?
When I consider the many bank partnerships that I manage across the EMEA region, the most successful partnerships are founded on the quality and collaboration of the employees that we work with. In just over a year, we’ve built a successful working relationship with the team at MAIB, and they stand out in three main areas:
  • Customer focus: I am continually impressed by MAIB’s commitment to finding the best solutions for their customers. This focus means that together, we are well equipped to develop innovative products and services which best leverage our brand and carry superior value propositions that will be most appealing to Moldovan consumers.
  • Strong work ethic: Success is founded on hard work and MAIB have demonstrated that they work hard and have the ability to focus on the issues that are most important. This strong work ethic means our partnership has much potential, and I’m confident it will help us to achieve our mutual goals and drive our business forward.
  • A true spirit of partnership: A collaborative partnership is characterised by having a team ethic which is based on open and transparent dialogue – to date this is certainly the nature of our partnership with MAIB. As a result, we are well placed to reach decisions which will provide the best solutions for MAIB’s customers. 
What are American Express’ plans for the future?
Together with MAIB, we are proud of the progress we have made to date in introducing the American Express brand to consumers and merchants in Moldova, and in meeting the growing demand for cashless payments. Our recent launch of Gold and Green Debit Cards was an important milestone, and is a sign of the ongoing growth of our partnership.
We plan to continue to grow Card acceptance, drive increased Cardmember engagement and undertake product development in Moldova. We already have plans in place that will help to achieve our goals and ensure we provide high quality, innovative products tailored to the needs of consumers in Moldova in the coming years.
Congratulations to MAIB on their 25th anniversary, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership!