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Legal terms


Users of the website should be aware of the competences and means needed to access and use it.
Access to the website and the Internet Banking platform is absolutely free of charge.
Expenses for using Internet network are covered exclusively by customers in accordance with the agreements entered into with their telecommunication operator.
Fraudulent access and usage of information systems, falsification and theft of personal data represent grave offences.   

2. Content

All information posted on this website: products and services described, data on current activity, strategy and results are valid only for CB Moldova Agroindbank and are its exclusive property.  
Although the goal of this website is to provide objective up-to-date and complete information about products and services provided by the bank, we do not guarantee that the information will be updated and accurate on a permanent basis, because of eventual technical errors.
Moldova Agroindbank will do its best to make sure that the information posted on the website is accurate and up-to-date, eliminating eventual errors in due time. The bank reserves the right to amend the content, format of presentation and structure of the website unilaterally and without prior notice. 

All general economic or financial information, including products and services described on the website, are made available to users for information purposes only. No information posted on the website should be viewed as final commercial offer, recommendation to contract, acquire any product of initiate any transaction.
The bank does not guarantee or control the accuracy and up-to-date nature of information on websites containing links to the bank’s website. CB Moldova Agroindbank shall bear no responsibility for any damage inflicted to users of the bank’s website that willingly accessed such links. 

Users interested in products and services of CB Moldova Agroindbank, described on the website, are kindly asked to visit any of the bank’s branches or agencies to benefit from the bank’s offers under contractual conditions, by paying related fees, charges and commissions valid at that moment.
3. Intellectual property

CB Moldova Agroindbank holds all property rights on the elements contained on this website, in particular data, texts, images, video and audio records. Data referring to products and services of the bank’s partners are posted on the basis of cooperation agreements and by respecting the related copyrights.

Users have the right to use and reproduce website information only with the written consent of the bank, exclusively for personal purposes and by indicating mandatorily the source.
It is prohibited to Copy and process data illegally, modify parts of the website or distort its website in any other way, all such actions being sanctioned in accordance with legislation in force.
The bank will observe the confidentiality and integrity of your personal data, except information requested by the relevant legal authorities.

4. Security

Although the bank’s website is protected by important security levels and is under permanent supervision, your personal data are not safe in the Internet environment. Therefore, it is recommended to present any important and confidential information directly at the bank’s branches, if you are not sure of the protection level of your PC. 

Do not reply to any messages requesting personal or financial information. Send such messages to the bank via the column „Send us a message” or by calling the Call Center Service at (022) 26 89 99.
To make sure that no information viruses enter your system to drain material or personal information to send it to eventual hackers, do use an anti-virus program and make sure that your system has been updated in security terms and has the latest applications offered by the producer of the operation system.
CB Moldova Agroindbank bears no responsibility for any damage caused by defective technical equipment used by users when accessing the bank’s website.

5. Protection of personal data

To meet your needs and expectations, the bank will collect personal data (IP address of the server) via this site or will register „cookies” in your PC. The latter are small text files registered in your browser which make it possible to swiftly and securely identify you on the site, including to collect data on issues and information that you accessed on the website in a certain period, etc. To reject the registration of „cookies”, your browser should be set accordingly.
Any visitor to the website, providing the bank with their personal data, display their express and unequivocal consent for: the processing of certain personal data and information by the bank in order to conduct market researches or to transmit promotional materials characteristic of direct marketing operations, to recruit personnel, to solve applications, questions, complaints addressed to the bank.

In accordance with the Law No 133 of 08.07.2011 , on the protection of personal data and the  Law No. 105 of 13.03.2003, on consumer’s protection, you have the following rights: the right to information, the right to access, the right to object, the right to contest. To exert these rights, please contact us via the column „Send us a message” on the website.  

To preserve the confidentiality of personal data and a secure online activity, you are recommended not to share detailed personal information, accounts or other bank products and services, excepting well-reasoned situations and only after checking the authenticity of accessed webpages.

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