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History of the bank

BC Moldova Agroindbank SA was created on 8 May 1991. Since then, MAIB has laid the emphasis on openness,
reliability and honesty in relations with customers, on the quality of products and services. Today, MAIB is viewed
as a pillar of Moldova’s banking system, playing an important role in its evolution and topping
the most important rankings in terms of assets, loans and private deposits.




The bank named Moldova Agroindbank was created the year when the Republic of Moldova declared its independence. The bank was founded through reorganization on the basis of the Moldavian subsidiary of the USSR Agroindustrial Bank. The institution obtained its license for banking operations, including in foreign currency. As in 1993, the Republic of Moldova introduced its national currency, all assets and liabilities of Moldova Agroindbank were recalculated, proceeding from the ratio 1 leu= 1 000 rubles. At that moment the statutory capital of the bank was 9.7 billion rubles. The bank became a founder of the Moldovan Stock Exchange. Initially, Moldova Agroindbank was mainly focused on the sector of agricultural business. Gradually, it extended its range of services, turning into a universal bank. The bank became a founder of the privatization funds “Agrofond” and “Dividend” and of the corporation “Vininvest”. The bank was for the first time audited in accordance with international accountancy standards. It started evaluating independently its loans portfolio in accordance with international banking standards, recording for the first time an allowance for loan losses of 30 mln MDL. In 1995, Moldova Agroindbank developed banking processes by putting in place a daily balance sheet, a single correspondent account and the e-mail, which allowed making settlements in a single business day. The bank was connected to the information systems REUTER and SWIFT. MAIB signed the first agreement with the EBRD on a credit line of 20 million dollars to support small and medium-sized enterprises. In 1996, Moldova Agroindbank was holding the leading position in the banking sector in terms of regulatory capital, lending operations and total amount of settlements inside the country, as well as in terms of quality of international transactions. The bank also created the Asset and Liability Committee (ALCO).



Moldova Agroindbank laid the basis to the development of the interbank lending market in Moldova and became an active player on the market of corporate investments. It was in 1997 that Moldova Agroindbank for the first time officially registered its logo with the State Agency of Intellectual Property Protection (AGEPI), which represented it until 2015. Despite the financial crisis that badly hit the CIS states in 1998, Moldova Agroindbank managed to ensure an increase in its financial ratios. The bank launched overnight and swap forward operations with foreign banks. The bank laid the basis to its corporate segment, starting cooperation with the German concern Sudzucker within a strategic partnership. On 5 January 1999, the bank had its domain and official website registered. MAIB’s share on the loan market was 30%. The number of its customers increased by about 10%, amounting to 84,000 individuals and legal entities. In 2000, the basis for the card processing company was laid, and card payments were launched. The same year, the General Assembly of Shareholders confirmed the EBRD and Western Nis Enterprise Fund as potential foreign investors of the bank. One year later, the two institutions invested 9.8% and 9.9% in the bank’s equity. The bank also won the first title of the best bank in Moldova awarded by Euromoney. Concurrently, the bank was committed to charity, which had a strong impact on the development of the country.



In 2002, Moldova Agroindbank was the first bank in Moldova to set up a leasing company, with the bank's Vice Chairman Serghei Cebotari being elected as its president. The same year, MAIB created its Business Center where corporate clients – local and foreign companies from various economic sectors - were being serviced individually. In 2003, Moldova Agroindbank became a member of VISA International and the number of card products went up. In 2004, the total number of customers amounted to 200,000 individuals and legal entities. The deposits portfolio went up by 47% against 2003, mainly due to the retail segment, with private deposits increasing by 60%. The next year, the bank doubled its efforts to develop an electronic sales network. The number of POS terminals increased by 60% and the one of ATMs by 53%. In late 2005, MAIB had 92 physical points for the sale of banking products and 383 electronic points (POS and ATM). In 2006, the EBRD and Western Nis withdrew from the bank’s capital, selling their shares



Starting from 2007, individuals can open deposits at any of the bank’s branches on the entire territory of the country and the Internet-Banking service was initiated as a pilot-project. In 2008, for the first time on the market, Moldova Agroindbank began issuing Visa and MasterCard chip cards and the Cash-In real-soft service was put in practice, making it possible to pay loans, refill current and deposit accounts via payment terminals. The client service system via telephone developed as InfoCentru and InfoTel services were created. In 2007-2011, the bank entered into a number of financing agreements with the European Fund for Southeast Europe, Black Sea Trade and Development Bank, International Finance Corporation and the EBRD for small and medium-sized enterprises and for the energy sector. MAIB was also authorized to manage the accounts of the Millennium Challenge Corporation Fund within the Compact Program of 262 mln dollars.



The “Virtual Branch –MAIB Online” project was launched to combine all remote services provided by the bank, thus facilitating access to them for all categories of customers. In 2013, Serghei Cebotari was elected Chairman of the Management Board. MAIB became one of the biggest employers in Moldova, offering jobs to over 1,500 people. In 2015, MAIB signed a partnership agreement with American Express, becoming its exclusive representative in Moldova licensed to issue and acquire American-Express-branded cards. In partnership with Moldova’s biggest insurance company Moldasig, MAIB launched the Bancassurance product. In 2016, MAIB changed its logo and started a rebranding campaign. Following a tender, MAIB won the right to service territorial treasuries and customs bodies. Its distribution network included 104 branches and 67 agencies. The number of employees exceeded 2,015 at the end of the year. The bank stepped up its position, holding a market share of 26.3% in assets, 28.7% in loans, 27.8% in deposits, including 30.1% in private deposits and 26.2% of all the profit earned by the banking system. În 2016 MAIB launched a large-scale project aimed at transforming the institution into a modern European bank, optimizing, centralizing and automating its business processes, enhancing its efficiency and quality of services. MAIB is an indisputable leader on the banking market, topping the banking efficiency rating. It paid increased attention to charity projects, extending their number over the past 5 years: “Merit Scholarships” “Merit Scholarships for students from less well-off families”, the festivals “Invita Maria Biesu” and “Two Twin Hearts”, the National Olympic Committee, etc.