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Property Mixed Insurance

The Property Mixed Insurance is a special insurance product created  for covering vital risks related to the individual’s health and property administration. 
You can insure by this policy:
  • The residence (house/apartment);
  • Household goods;
  • Personal accidents insurance and the insurance of the family members;
  • Responsibility towards the third parties. 
The risks included in the Property Mixed Insurance
The risks of “Property protection”: fire or explosion, lightning strike; earthquake; storm, water leak, theft or other third parties illicit actions, etc. caused to the house or apartment, including to the household goods. 
The risks of “Responsibility towards the third parties”: the damage caused to other individuals and the death and body injuries of other individuals, caused by some of the insured cases, including the legal procedure expenses. 
The risks of “Accidents Insurance protection”: trauma resulting in body injuries, a consequence of an accident, qualified according to the Conditions of the accidents insurance of the Policyholder. 

You can select one of the insurance options: 
Insurance options and responsibility limits: A B C D E F G H I
Insured amount for the residence (house/apartment) 100.000 MDL 200.000 MDL 300.000 MDL 500.000 MDL 800.000 MDL 1.000.000 MDL 1.200.000 MDL 1.600.000 MDL 2.000.000 MDL
Insured amount for the household goods 20.000 MDL 20.000 MDL 40.000 MDL 30.000 MDL 30.000 MDL 60.000 MDL 50.000 MDL 50.000 MDL 80.000 MDL
Responsibility towards the third parties 10.000 MDL 20.000 MDL 30.000 MDL 20.000 MDL 20.000 MDL 60.000 MDL 40.000 MDL 60.000 MDL 60.000 MDL
The aggregate insured amount against accidents 20.000 MDL 20.000 MDL 40.000 MDL 30.000 MDL 30.000 MDL 60.000 MDL 40.000 MDL 60.000 MDL 60.000 MDL
Insurance Total amount (I+II+III+IV) 150.000 MDL 260.000 MDL 410.000 MDL 580.000 MDL 880.000 MDL 1.180.000 MDL 1.330.000 MDL 1.770.000 MDL 2.200.000 MDL
Annual insurance premium 300 MDL 500 MDL 700 MDL 800 MDL 1.000 MDL 1.300 MDL 1.500 MDL 2.000 MDL 2.500 MDL
The advantages of the Property Mixed Insurance
  • Efficiency and simplicity: contracting the policy does not require property inspection or medical analyses submission;
  • Flexibility at contracting: several insurance options; possibility to choose the appropriate packet for a wished price; 
  • Accessibility due to the reasonable price;
  • A single policy insures the house and the household goods, the family and personal responsibility.