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Domestic payments

Payments in national currency are executed by the bank based on payment orders, filled out by customers (on paper or in electronic form via Internet Banking), in regular or urgent mode, in favour of bank customers (intrabank payments), as well as in favour of customers of other banks (interbank payments).

The bank makes urgent payments in the following time slots:

  • Introducing the paper-based payment order into the banking information system (BIS) – up to 10 minutes,
  • Checking and accepting the payment order received via Internet Banking – up to 5 minutes,
  • Checking and authorizing the payment order in BIS – up to 10 minutes,
  • Sending the payment order to AIPS (in case of interbank transfers) – up to 20 minutes.

    Payments are executed by the bank on the day of their receipt. Urgent payments are executed in no more than 15 minutes for intrabank payments and in 25 minutes for interbank payments.


  • Quick money transfers;
  • Confidentiality of transactions;
  • Possibility of tracking payment orders’ status via remote banking services;
  • Smaller fees compared to regular payments.