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Capital market services
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Foreign exchange operations

Moldova Agroindbank offers the possibility of conducting foreign exchange  transactions (forex) under the most advantageous conditions in: MDL, EUR, USD, RUB, RON, UAH, GBP, CHF, JPY, BYR.
Customers can make the following types of forex transactions: 

  • Spot transactions –forex transactions, within which the transfer of funds takes place within 2 business days after the transaction was entered into. The application for forex transaction should be submitted directly at the bank branch or via Internet Banking system;
  • Forward transactions –forex transactions, with the transfer of funds  taking place in more than 2 business days after the transaction is entered into.

Forex transactions are conducted the day the application for  purchase/sale/exchange currency is submitted, at the current commercial exchange rate of the bank. For customers effecting  a large amount of forex transactions, the bank offers the possibility of negotiating the exchange rates directly with the bank’s dealers.