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Capital market services
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Current account operations

Current account operations

Moldova Agroindbank offers corporate customers the possibility of opening current accounts in national and foreign currency, as well as access to their accounts from any bank branch. Customers can manage assets on their accounts via the Internet Banking system, having secure online access to their accounts practically from all over the world. Upon customers’ request, the bank issues statements of account covering a certain date or periods, which give a detailed review of all transactions made via the bank.

Current accounts are opened based on customer’s written request, after all documents required by regulations in force are submitted. Within the limits of legislation, the bank ensures the safety of means on bank accounts and the confidentiality of account operations.
The bank also provides Escrow account services, through which payer’s money is kept in a special account and is disbursed only for purposes of and as agreed upon with the beneficiary.

The bank comes with the Account Management service for companies with representative offices in districts, which have separate bank accounts and which seek a better liquidity management. Through this service, the bank commits to transfer the whole amount or a part of it at the end of the day or at a set date from the account of representative offices (secondary offices) to the main account of the company. 

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