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Capital market services
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Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking

Moldova Agroindbank pays high attention to corporate customers, providing them with a wide range of banking services and products.
A team of high-skilled professionals are always ready and willing to  provide any support, consultancy and assistance in business development to corporate customers.

Banking products and services for corporate customers: loans, deposits, investment products, account servicing, transfers, currency transactions, business cards, salary projects, documentary transactions, etc. are adjusted to the requirements of corporate customers on a permanent basis, while the online banking systems are easy to use and allow performing bank transactions swiftly.

If your enterprise has high sales volumes, a stable financial situation and enjoys a dominant position on the market, or if you want to grow into such a company, the bank can become your stable and long-term partner, providing the financial assistance you need.
Telephone number: + 373 22 22 40 85, +373 21 08 05, Corporate Customers Department.