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The Bancassurance project is one of the outcomes of the bank’s development strategy aimed at transforming CB Moldova Agroindbank into a genuine financial supermarket.

We do understand the financial needs of our customers; therefore we seek to concentrate the largest range possible of products and services at our branches.

As an insurance partner, CB Moldova Agroindbank has involved its employees in this sector to provide customers with all support needed to benefit from various types of insurance, such as:


Individuals property inssurance

If you are a MAIB credit beneficiary, you can contract an Insurance Policy of the pledged property on the most advantageous conditions at any branch of the bank.

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Insurance in agriculture

Insuring the agricultural producers’ goods aims at protecting the financial investments, in case of natural disasters or other damaging situations, being intended for legal entities, as well as for individuals.

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CASCO insurance 

CASCO is the insurance, which protects Your own car of stealing, vandalism or eventual damages, whether you are or you are not responsible for their occurrence.

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Accident insurance

Accident Insurance Policy provides the person permanent protection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all over the world of accidents, which can occur during the working hours, as well as during the free time.

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Bankcard insurance

Bankcard insurance is a new insurance product, which provides extra security when using a MAIB bankcard and covers the financial risk, in case of unpleasant events occurrence, included in the insurance policy.

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Foreign travel health insurance

Is the insurance policy, which protects your life and health of unpredictable events, when you plan to travel abroad for work, studies, tourism or sports competition.

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Property mixed insurance

The Property Mixed Insurance is a special insurance product created for covering vital risks related to the individual’s health and property administration.

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MAIB employees are there to aid the bank’s customers to benefit from a larger range of both banking and insurance products.